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Waiting to Exhale

So how many of us have been feeling like this guy all week? It is hot here in Philly, hot enough to get us all panting. Along with sweating, panting helps to release excess heat from the body. Whenever the body is under stress, it calls for more oxygen and we pant. Panting emphasizes the exhale - go ahead and try it! If you do a deeper pant, really feeling the belly work, you might notice the similarities between panting and Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire). The air we breath is made up of mostly nitrogen, other gasses and even dust and pollen - it only 21 % oxygen - so those other things can sit around taking up prime lung real estate! Unless we let them go... Deeper breathing can't happen if there is no space for it. Exhaling promotes relaxation - just look at that pup! Or, try pulling your shoulders to your ears and then release them on an inhale... how did that go? Now try the same thing and release on an exhale... ahh.... better right? So don't wait! Come to class this week and see how exhaling can influence your practice!

See you on the mat!


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